With harvest approaching in autumn, the most rewarding and equally challenging time has arrived for us. Choosing the best time for harvest is a fine balance between optimum Baumé and fruit flavour.

The unique climate of the valley where Sedona Estate lies in, delivers hot and dry summer days, but cool nights, which aid in slow fruit ripening and complex flavour development. But nevertheless, Mother Nature always manages to throw obstacles in our way to the likes of spring frosts, drought and fires.

The welcoming end of the drought in spring 2010 started with an unusual cold October with snowfalls down to 350m! Hard to believe, but the young vine shoots in our vineyard were covered with a layer of snow. Not long after, heavy rainfalls ended the 10 year drought.

The extremely wet conditions and shortage of chemicals in Australia caused the rapid spread of mildew destroying most red varietals. Only our Italian grape Sangiovese saw the end of this wet 2011 vintage. 

With many more vintages ahead of us, Sedona Estate will continue to face Mother Nature’s unpredictable challenges, requiring skills, flexibility and continuous improvement to create the best wine from each variety.