Welcome to Sedona Estate

From Sedona Estate’s humble beginnings, Paul Evans & Sonja Herges are proud to create regionally distinctive wines of impeccable quality from their high altitude vineyard in the Yea Valley. Paul’s unique winemaking style coupled with his formidable palate delivers wine of distinction. Discover the difference in terroir in Sedona Estate’s diverse wine portfolio including the iconic Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot and limited release Sangiovese.

Meet the Winemaker

Drop in and meet winemaker Paul Evans at the cellar door. Enjoy a complimentary wine tasting and stay for a relaxing week-end afternoon. Delicious platters available on week-ends and holidays.

OPEN 11.00 am - 5.00 pm Wed - Sun

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2013 Sedona Reds Halliday Ratings

  96/100 Sangiovese 

  95/100 Shiraz Reserve 

  94/100 Cabernet Sauvignon Limited Reserve

  93/100 Merlot Reserve

 Reserve 2013 Shiraz

'Bright crimson-purple; a very well made wine picked at precisely the right moment; both the bouquet and palate are very complex, with black fruits at the core....' Halliday Review 95

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Corks are back!

In the era of screwcap closures, we dared to be different! It is the winemaker's limited reserve with a touch of nostalgia. Still young, but already displaying the features of a powerful Cabernet Sauvignon. On tasting now

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 'Sedona's Ace in the Hole'

'The hue is a clear, brilliant crimson, the bouquet of cherry blossom, the palate with all of the seduction of a young, high quality pinot noir; red cherries sit in a silken web, tannins well off to one side. A truly lovely sangiovese.' Halliday Wine Companion 2016